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ATI-NV Series

All-electric plastic injection molding machines
40-800 Tons of closure
Type: Machine with five servomotors

All Electric Plastic Injection Molding Machine
  • Exceptional Closing Unit

  • Ultra rigid lever structure with 5 pins

  • Self-locking after high pressure clamping

  • Quick and easy mold change

  • Platen with T-patterns and integrated fixing screws

  • Japanese servomotor for precise mold movement

  • Efficient lubrication system to minimize oil consumption

  • Professional controller with intuitive interface

  • Advanced curve viewing and inspection

  • Mold safety relays guarantee stability in movement

ATI-NV Machine Mold Auto Adjustment for Plastic Industry

Mold self-adjustment

Linear guides | ATI-NV component

Linear guides

Ball bone | Component of the ATI-NV machine for the plastics industry

ball screw


Electrical parts | ATI-NV Machine Application
Plastic syringe | ATI-NV application
ATI-NV application test tubes
Plastic parts, Application-NV
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