AKOPET Machines Inc. is made up of a team of qualified professionals with recognized experience. Backed by the high technology of our machinery, we are able to offer advanced technology optimized processes in plastic processing projects.
We develop automated manufacturing lines with the aim of minimizing the manufacturing cost of our clients' products.

The quality of our equipment is recognized worldwide and we work together with our clients to improve every day.

In conjunction with the worldwide recognition of the quality of our equipment and the importance of working hand in hand with our clients to offer improvements every day, we have developed an effective after-sale service system that offers:


A machine that can be trusted with any project regardless of its complexity.


A machine that can work 24 x 7 and that remains in good condition even after 30 years. This guarantees a return on investment multiple times and gives the client the satisfaction of working with a robust and well-manufactured equipment.


Having a stable production of your parts is essential, with this you keep costs low and continue to maintain high quality standards.


Our equipment is synonymous with high productivity and low energy costs.


These are the services we offer, click on any to obtain more information:

Los inspectores eléctricos

Our experienced staff with perfect technical knowledge of the machines and extensive practical experience conduct the courses so that your operators have complete control over the machine.



Installation of consumable parts

Equipment control

Optimize processes

Knowledge of alarms, their possible causes and solutions.

“Learning Curve”: It is free for up to 3 months after the machine is installed at the customer's plant.




Guarantee the maximum profitability of the machine

Improve the quality of the pieces to work

High performance of the manufacturing system through systematic monitoring of key functions.

Our close and reliable cooperation with clients enables us to quickly achieve the production objectives required by the client: maximum profitability and productivity.


car service, repair, maintenance and peo

All the components of the machines that AKOPET offers are of internationally recognized quality, as well as the steels.

Long durability

Low rate of replacement in the useful life

Easy Access

Excellent Performance

When you need a spare part, AKOPET has the solution at hand. Thanks to our 'Smart Spare Parts System´ that is based on the following concepts:

Fast response time

Spare parts that require lists in less than 3 hours

Preventive maintenance services

They provide us with a complete diagnosis of the spare parts that the machines will require in the near future. This allows our service team to anticipate these requirements.

Large Spare 

Parts Stock

The stock of spare parts in each of our service centers is large, in the event of an unexpected emergency, AKOPET can turn to one of our service centers

Effective transport

If you require a part and are not in your country , we will fly the part to have a maximum delivery time of 48 hours on large parts.



Our Technical Assistance Service technical staff together with the maintenance staff of the customer's company can locate the cause of the fault and provide support to the customer's maintenance staff remotely.

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Customer maintenance staff can expand their technical knowledge



The down time of your machine is minimized


Industry and technology concept. INDUSTR

All our equipment has a guarantee of 1 or 2 years depending on the equipment. The electrical, mechanical, hydraulic and pneumatic parts have full coverage, both in replacement of the part and in technical service.

After the guarantee you can purchase a maintenance service policy.



We offer preventive maintenance in order to guarantee the absolute availability of your machines. This service includes machine adjustments and replacement of wearing parts.


Likewise, our service technicians assess the current state of the machine.



With the help of this preventive warning system it is possible to:

Detect breakdowns on time

Maintenance cost reduction.

Increased machine availability.

Downtime reduction

Guarantee the adoption of preventive measures.



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