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Guarantees and Policies

Our equipment has longer warranties

When purchasing Akopet equipment you will have a period of up to two years to test its quality.

The guarantees we offer are:

  • 24 months for injection equipment

  • 12 to 18 months for blowing equipment

May your machine never stop,
take out a maintenance policy

Ensure the optimal performance of your machinery after your warranty runs out and continue receiving our preventive maintenance that includes the following points:

  • ​Semi-annual maintenance service

  • ​Retightening of mechanical and electrical screws

  • Bed leveling and injection unit

  • Review and adjustment of platen parallelism

  • General cleaning

  • Advice to improve your process

Prevention is better than repair

At AKOPET we understand the importance of maximizing operational efficiency.

Taking out a maintenance policy will ensure fewer failures and stoppages in your production.

Benefits of taking out a policy:

  • Detect faults in time

  • Reduced maintenance costs

  • Increased machine availability

  • Reduction of downtime

  • Ensure the adoption of preventive measures

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