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Machinery for
the plastic industry

Always focused on our clients, we create and market machinery that are: simple, of maximum efficiency, of low energy consumption and at competitive prices.

We are a company founded in the USA with more than 30 years of experience in the plastic transformation industry.

About Us

Machinery for the plastic industry
Akopet | Plastic processing industry


High Performance Plastic Injection Molding Machines

Serie ATI

ATI Series injection molding machinery

High precision plastic injection molding machines

CLF Series

High presicion CLF Series Injection Molding Machine

Automatic, semi-automatic, manual and electric PET blowing machines
C Series

PET blowing

PET blowing

Extrusion  Blow Molding  Automatic Plastic Machines

Extrusion Blowing

Extrusion Blowing

Plastic injection blow molding machines

Injection blowing

Injection blowing

Sleeve, adhesive and BOPP labeling machines

Labeling machines

Labeling machine

Complete single screw and double screw pelletizing lines

Pelletized and Mixed

Pelletized and Mixed

Drying. Feeding. Granulation. Heating. Dosage. Automation systems.

Auxiliary equipment

Auxiliary equipment

Injection and blow molds.



Injection and blow molds
Akopet technical service

The most complete and personalized technical service in the plastics industry.

After-sales service

We have the best payment method according to your needs.


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