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ATI-S10 Series

High Speed Plastic Injection Molding Machines

160-500 Tons of closure

Type: Machine suitable for IML (In Mold Labeling), over molding and thin wall injection

Machine for the plastic industry ATI - S10
  • Series suitable for IML, over molding and thin wall injection

  • High speed, repeatability and production quality

  • High speed laminating motor up to 800 mm/s and high torque

  • Deformation-proof and suitable for working 24/7

  • Optimized and firm design with double lever and 5 points of support

  • Guarantees high energy and water savings by not generating heat

  • Closed loop multipump system for shorter cycles

  • KMOTION-KEBA control, reliable and intelligent

  • Superior quality, robust and durable components

  • Personalized to the client's needs for a quick return on investment

ATI Strain Proof Closing Unit - S10

Warp-proof closure unit

Multipump system for shorter cycles ATI - S10

Multipump system for shorter cycles

Injection unit with spindle position regulation system (PRS) ATI-S10

Injection unit with regulation system
spindle position position (PRS)

Machinery applications for the Plastics industry ATII-S10
Machinery applications for the plastics industry ATI-S10
ATI-S10 Machinery Applications
ATI-S10 Machinery Applications
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