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IB/IS Series

Plastic injection blow molding machines
Capacity from 2 mL to 1,000 L
Type: Single stage technology, 2 stations


  • High performance, zero material waste and excellent packaging quality

  • Suitable for industries: pharmaceutical, cosmetic and food

  • Multi-cavity production (up to 16 cavities)

  • Performs 3 simultaneous activities: injection, blowing and expulsion

  • Three stations arranged at 120° for a significant cycle reduction

  • Dual proportional hydraulic control system

  • High precision in the neck and body of the bottle

  • Advanced PID temperature control system

  • Materials you can use: PP, PE, PS, ABS, PVC, BAREX


IB/IS preform feeder

preform feeder

Infrared lamps frequency

High frequency infrared lamps

Closing unit


Droppers. IB/IS machine application
Pharmaceutical Jars. IB/IS machinery application
Cosmetic containers. IB/IS machinery application
Vitamin container. Application of machinery for the plastic industry
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