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ATI-S8 Series

High Performance Plastic Injection Molding Machines

90-2800 Tons of closure

Type: Double Knee Servo Machine

ATI-S8 Series Plastic Injection Molding Machine


  • Servo motor technology for 40 to 80% energy savings

  • Closed loop hydraulic system.

  • Pressure sensor and rotary encoder.

  • Double cylinder injection system for stable and precise injection.

  • Optimized design of the screw-barrel mechanism.

  • Components manufactured with high tenacity steels.

  • PID controller and linear potentiometers.

  • Suitable to work under high pressure 24/7

  • Larger bar spacing and wider mold opening.

  • Double lever system and five-point support box structure.



ATI Series Injection Molding Machine - S8. Adaptive injection unit

Adaptive injection unit

Precise Closing Unit for Plastic Industry Machinery ATI-S8

Precise locking unit

German high-performance servomotor for the plastics industry ATI Series - S8

German high performance servo motor


Application of machinery for the plastic industry ATI - S8
Application of ATI -S8 machinery for the plastic processing industry
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