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C Series

Fully Automatic PET Blowing Machines
Capacity from 100 mL to 3 L

Fully Automatic PET Blowing Machine, C Series


  • 8 temperature control zones

  • Precise, independently adjustable preform heating

  • Up to 20 saved parameters to be able to blow different containers

  • Mold change in 20 minutes

  • Touch screen control, simple and user friendly

  • Tested to work in difficult environmental conditions

  • Modular and compact design that saves plant space

  • High quality components from brands such as Festo, Parker, Fist, Mitsubishi


Mitsubishi PLC

Mitsubishi PLC

Mold change in 20 minutes, PET blowing machinery

Mold change in 20 minutes

PET Blowing Machinery Upper Oven

Upper oven


Various Blown PET Bottles
PET Blown Soda Bottles
Various PET Blown Beverage Containers
Juice Bottles. PET blowing
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