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Rotary table plastic co-injection molding machines
120-1800 Tons of closure
Type: Rotary table/Separate injection/Multicolor injection


  • Offers greater flexibility in product design

  • The button part is designed with dual material method

  • Reducing processes to keep costs down

  • Different materials and colors can be combined simultaneously

  • Beautify the appearance of the product, adding value and quality



Electric sevomotor for the movement of the platen. CLF-TPRII machine

Electric servomotor for the movement of the platen

CLF-TPRII clamping system with simultaneous movements

Fastening system with simultaneous movements

Clamping cylinder with diagonal design

Clamping cylinder with diagonal design


Car lights. Plastic industry CLF-TPRII
Two-color plate. Machinery for plastic transformation CLF-TPRII
Double color rake. Application of CLF-TPRII machinery
Screwdriver. Application of CLF-TPRII machinery
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