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Double Platen Plastic Injection Molding Machines
600-5000 Tons of closure
Type: Double stage servo machine

  • Unique locking mechanism design with two plates

  • Exceptional speed in the closing process

  • Closing force, mold stroke and distance between bars are easily adjusted

  • Fast and precise mold adjustment for flexible production

  • Uniform force distribution across the mold for maximum precision

  • Uniform tension distribution in the bars to increase the life of the machine

  • Simplified construction without wear problems in the alternating closure

  • Machine with rigid structure, minimal deformations and consistent product precision



CLF-TPII Machine Closing Unit

Closing unit

CLF-TPII machinery cooling chamber

cooling chamber

CLF-TPII machinery rotary table

rotary table


Children's plastic furniture. Plastic industry CLF-TPII
Plastic automotive parts. Plastic industry CLF-TPII
Plastic seats. Applications of the CLF-TPII machine for the plastics industry
Plastic traffic cones. Application of machinery for the plastic industry CLF-TPII
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