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AX Series

Fully Automatic PET Blowing Machines
Capacity from 80 mL to 10 L

Fully Automatic PET Blowing Machine


  • Preform transfer system controlled by servomotors

  • Double lever locking unit with high pressure

  • Stainless steel main rail, 0.1mm precision

  • Advanced oven with high frequency infrared lamps

  • Low compressed air consumption

  • Each temperature zone is independently controlled

  • Easy installation machine with smooth movements and low noise

  • Energy savings and greater efficiency from 30% to 50%

  • Mold change in 20 minutes



Preform feeder. PET blowing

preform feeder

High frequency infrared lamp

High frequency infrared lamps

PET blowing machinery closing unit

Closing unit


Carafe. PET blowing
Oil bottles. PET blowing machinery
Multiple bottles. PET blowing
Water bottles. PET blowing
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